The Greatest Guide
The world’s first search and signage system designed to put 8,402 of Mexico’s best hotdog and hamburger stands on the map.

We created a world-first workflow designed to turn data into prompts and prompts into food paintings, all are masked and combined with generative backgrounds. Dynamically typeset from hand-painted fonts, automatically retouched and branded, then ingested into our system as separate layers. Ultimately, we generated 42,010 unique point-of-sale materials for Bimbo’s small business customers – five versions for each vendor, all combined, up-resized and output to final specs – they received via WhatsApp ready to print.


AI Generated Posters

16247_v1_2484 × 1656-1
16252_2484 × 1656_HERO


10190_2484 × 1656-1
8256_v2_2484 × 1656
16252_2484 × 1656_NEW_HERO-2


My role in this project was the design and art direction of the AI posters, prompts, and application, as well as the creative and art direction of the case study.

Silver Lion
Wayfinding & Signage
Brand Environment & Experience Design

Targeting, Insights and Personalisation

Creative Leadership Vector B: Elizabeth Juárez, Vector B
Creative: Ian Mackenzie, Performance Art
Global Creative Leadership: John Mescall, McCann Worldgroup
Global Creative Leadership: Adrian Botan, McCann Worldgroup
Leadership: Carmen Bistrian, McCann Worldgroup
Creative agency leadership: Juan Luis Arteaga, Vector B
Creative: Manuel RuizAlsina, Vector B
Group account leadership: Beatriz Sosa, Vector B
Category account leadership: Esmeralda Velázquez, Vector B
Creative: Montserrat Mora, Vector B
Creative: Nathan Márquez, Vector B
Manager of digital process: Diana Gil, Vector B
Creative: Gustavo Luna, Vector B
Graphic and illustration: Jorge Bobadilla, Vector B
Art direction: Eddi Aguirre, Vector B
Creative: Enrique Martínez, Vector B
Graphic development and illustration: Roberto Salazar, Vector B
Copywriting: Pamela Torres, Vector B
Art direction: Alejandro Tovar, Vector B
Producer: Diego Enríquez, Vector B
Strategic planning: Pilar Valle, Vector B
Creative: Benjamin Playford, Performance Art
Technology: Arnaud Icard, Performance Art
Production: Amanda Horsford, Performance Art
Production: Nzegwhua Anderson, Performance Art
Creative: Jess Willis, Performance Art
Creative: Pedro Izzo, Performance Art
Design: Bradley Hodgkinson, Performance Art
Leadership: Andrea Cook, Performance Art
Motion graphics: Beatriz Montiel, Vector B
Motion graphics: Daniel Mota, Vector B
Executive Creative Director: Colin Craig, Performance Art

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